A history of value

The best jewelry
in the heart of Trieste

You will remain fascinated with our gallery windows in Capo di Piazza Gianni Bartoli, only twenty meters from piazza Unità d’Italia in the very centre of historic Trieste.
Our spirit of courtesy, our exceptional passion and creativity, and our evergoing investments, are the keys to the well earned success which has always accompanied us.
These are the reasons that make us eager to be a part of those special and unique moments in our client’s life.

The beginning

Our Story

After having learned the craftsmanship from his father Ferdinando, master engraver of the 1930s from Trieste, Franco Blasi, the founder and owner of Gold Emotion, started his own business with his wife Edgarda, a fervent lover of antique jewelry.
In the first years of their business they concentrated on jewelry dated from 1700 to 1940s, strictly focusing on “made in Italy” jewelry brands, and on prestigious watchmaking labels.
In 1997 their son Billy joined the business, moved by the extraordinary world of precious artifacts carried by the intense passion and interest for diamonds and all gemstones.
After completing his studies on the subject, aided by his wife Tatjana, he concentrated his work on keeping the family business.


Our present



The beginning of our business
January 01, 2021
12 AM


Well affirmed profession
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Billy and Tatjana have distinguished Gold Emotion not only by proposing a selected design on the jewelry presented, and by offering a personalized service on jewelry and wedding rings, but also by offering a wide variety of diamonds which are certified by the most prestigious gemological institutes of the world.
Today we offer prominent attention toward our Clients, always offering the finest competence and professionalism, proposing a list of jewelry brands which will satisfy not only quality but also the fashion trends which are ever changing and in constant evolution.



We firmly believe that jewelry must be touched and looked before being purchased, because we believe it to be fundamental to see it in person, to wear it, admire its forms, its light, its characteristic and color.
The feeling that one can experience through a picture of a jewel on a website, on a magazine or on a social media cannot be compared with the excitement felt when being in contact with it, dazzled by the shine of a diamond, ecstatic by its work, by the details, or by the shades of the nestled gemstones.
This is why we think that every precious object of a certain craftsmanship should not be bought with a click on whichever digital platform after seeing a picture.

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