Gold Emotion

A one of a kind experience,
a dream come true
for every jewelry lover.

The emotions in the world of jewels

There is excitement and emotion when a jewel is created and it transforms into another feeling when the jewel is gifted, and again when the jewel is received.
There are always many stories behind a jewel. Create your own story.

Who we are

A history of value

You will remain fascinated with our gallery windows in Capo di Piazza Gianni Bartoli, only twenty meters from Piazza Unità d’Italia, in thevery centre of historic Trieste.
Our spirit of courtesy, our exceptional passion and creativity, and our evergoing investments, are the keys to the well earned success which has always accompanied us.
These are the reasons that make us eager to be a part of those special and unique moments in our client’s life.

The spell

A magic circle

Timeless creations

Sophistication and elegance to wear in any occasion. Come and discover these creations full of artistic talent and craftsmanship.

Antique and historic jewels

One of a kind, unobtainable, more than a century old creations. To know the variety of rings, the material which were used, the details and styles allows you to comprehend better its value. This is our speciality.

Fine jewelery

Marvelous necklaces, rings, earrings and much more, to treasure forever. Allow yourself to be bewitched by what Gold Emotion has in store for you. Elegance, refinement, and high quality of gems and design.

You are our exclusive guest