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That define your style

Watches are an essential accessory in any outfit and they represent the passing of time and the precious moments that must be remembered. Come and discover the watch that represents your style and your time.

Switzerland, since 1887 Eberhard & Co. have produced chronometers and chronographs of high quality and precision. The company’s philosophy aims to constantly search for innovation in technical engineering and shape, notwithstanding respecting traditional mechanics, elegance and style. Enter the world of Eberhard & Co!

While a typical watch with two hands has 60 second marks to indicate the minutes, a Meistersinger will require 144 of them to represent a period of five minutes, which will definitely increase the visual impact. The single-hand watch producer, Meistersinger is a young and innovative brand. Come in person to learn more about it!

Chronoswiss mechanical watches, with its unmistakable design, are the finest solution for those unconventional people who wage on individuality in a world of mass production. 

For over 160 years, Philip Watch has been narrating a story of prestige, inspired by the original idea of perfect aesthetic pledged to the values of technological innovation. 

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