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We provide all the tools to be able to create and realize your unique and personalized wedding band, because it is created by you. The understanding that emerges in the creation of a pair of UNIQUE rings, in whose implementation process the bride and groom are invited to participate as an active component, choosing the materials, combining design and finishes. And last the incision … “here is that, as an artist at the end of the work, we sign them, even the couple signs the marriage seal that they will”.


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A jewelry collection designed exclusively for the special moment of marriage. The Maison goldsmith, with its collection of Damiani rings, has redesigned and updated the classic conception of rings, creating new and unforgettable rings, a symbol of a promise of love and timeless union. The wedding ring is in fact a reciprocal gift with a strong symbolic meaning and is the basis of the life of the couple. Precisely for this reason, Damiani has created a rich collection of wedding rings in white, pink, yellow or platinum, perfect fit thanks to the original design “comfort fit”.

All models can be further customized with the ability to affect the Damiani logo on the outside. The Damiani rings represent the “jewelry collection forever” by definition, because hidden within them is a small diamond that emphasizes the uniqueness and eternity of a moment as important as the wedding day. A precious and intimate secret accomplice to the feeling that unites the couple, a diamond that in some rings can be recessed outside. The Damiani rings, the most important decision of your life.



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The ring is a perfect circle, it is like that it is to never stop. And the most precious ring of life, the same that since ancient times has celebrated the wedding ceremony representing love and fidelity. The link between rings and UNOAERRE is so strong and indissoluble that it became the new company logo, which is just a wedding ring surrounding the name of the largest Italian gold producer. Every year more than 200,000 marriages in Italy are celebrated with our rings.

For over eighty years, our rings seal the union of almost all Italian couples. Aware of how important the role and the symbolic function of the wedding ring, for many years UNOAERRE proposed a product with characteristics of hardness and wear resistance well above the average of all other gold jewelry. Gold, by its very ductile and malleable nature, is in fact alloyed with other metals to produce particularly resistant alloys, dedicated exclusively to the production of wedding and engagement rings.




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